Cell TheFieldΒΆ

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coerce: % -> OutputForm

from CoercibleTo OutputForm

dimension: % -> NonNegativeInteger

dimension(c) returns dimension of c

hasDimension?: (%, Symbol) -> Boolean

hasDimension?(c) returns true if c is of positive dimension. Otherwise hasDimension?(c) returns false.

mainVariableOf: % -> Symbol

mainVariableOf(c) returns main variable of c

makeCell: (SimpleCell(TheField, SparseUnivariatePolynomial TheField), %) -> %

makeCell(c, sc) creates a cell which consists of sc in main variable and which has projection c

makeCell: List SimpleCell(TheField, SparseUnivariatePolynomial TheField) -> %

makeCell(lc) creates a cell from list of simple cells lc

projection: % -> Union(%, failed)

projection(c) projects c with respect to main variable

samplePoint: % -> List TheField

samplePoint(c) returns the sample point of c

simpleCells: % -> List SimpleCell(TheField, SparseUnivariatePolynomial TheField)

simpleCells(c) returns lists of simple cells determining c. That is c = makeCell(simpleCells(c))

variablesOf: % -> List Symbol

variablesOf(c) returns list of variables of c

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