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Delta Complexes are defined by a sequence of ‘face maps’, These can be represented by a list of matrices. for more documentation see: Date Created: March 2016 Basic Operations: Related packages: Related categories: Related Domains: CoChainComplex Also See: AMS Classifications:

=: (%, %) -> Boolean

from BasicType

~=: (%, %) -> Boolean

from BasicType

chainComplex: List Matrix Integer -> %


coerce: % -> OutputForm

from CoercibleTo OutputForm

homology: % -> List Homology

calculate homology using SmithNormalForm

latex: % -> String

from SetCategory

transition_matrices: % -> List Matrix Integer

transition_matrices(a) gives list of transition matrices of a.

validate: % -> Boolean

true if this is a valid chain complex, that is: 1. maps compose 2. product of adjacent maps is zero


CoercibleTo OutputForm