SimpleCell(TheField, ThePols)ΒΆ

cyldec.spad line 60


allSimpleCells: (List ThePols, Symbol) -> List %
allSimpleCells(lp, sym) returns decomposition into cells such that each p in lp has constant sign on each member of decomposition
allSimpleCells: (ThePols, Symbol) -> List %
allSimpleCells(p, sym) is allSimpleCells([p], sym)
coerce: % -> OutputForm
from CoercibleTo OutputForm
hasDimension?: % -> Boolean
hasDimension?(c) returns true if c is of positive dimension (that is one-dimensional), otherwise hasDimension?(c) returns false
samplePoint: % -> TheField
samplePoint(c) returns the sample point of c
variableOf: % -> Symbol
variableOf(c) returns variable of c

CoercibleTo OutputForm