ApplyRules(Base, R, F)ΒΆ

rule.spad line 130

This package apply rewrite rules to expressions, calling the pattern matcher.

applyRules: (List RewriteRule(Base, R, F), F) -> F
applyRules([r1, ..., rn], expr) applies the rules r1, ..., rn to f an unlimited number of times, i.e. until none of r1, ..., rn is applicable to the expression.
applyRules: (List RewriteRule(Base, R, F), F, PositiveInteger) -> F
applyRules([r1, ..., rn], expr, n) applies the rules r1, ..., rn to f a most n times.
localUnquote: (F, List Symbol) -> F
localUnquote(f, ls) is a local function.