PatternMatchable SΒΆ

patmatch1.spad line 165

A set R is PatternMatchable over S if elements of R can be matched to patterns over S.

=: (%, %) -> Boolean
from BasicType
~=: (%, %) -> Boolean
from BasicType
coerce: % -> OutputForm
from CoercibleTo OutputForm
hash: % -> SingleInteger
from SetCategory
hashUpdate!: (HashState, %) -> HashState
from SetCategory
latex: % -> String
from SetCategory
patternMatch: (%, Pattern S, PatternMatchResult(S, %)) -> PatternMatchResult(S, %)
patternMatch(expr, pat, res) matches the pattern pat to the expression expr. res contains the variables of pat which are already matched and their matches (necessary for recursion). Initially, res is just the result of new which is an empty list of matches.


CoercibleTo OutputForm