scene.spad line 3780 [edit on github]

This package provides support for XML files an XML element is something which either has the form: <tagname attributes> content </tagname> or <tagname attributes/> where content may be a sequence of sub-elements or unstructured text

coerce: % -> List String

coerce(x) outputs x as a list of strings. Each element in the list represents a new line. This is an alternative to creating a long single string with ‘newline’ embedded in it.

empty?: % -> Boolean

empty?(el) returns true is this element does not contain anything

outputVRML: (%, TextFile) -> Void

outputVRML(rp, f1) writes the element as VRML2. VRML2 is not xml but it has the same semantics and node names as X3D but a different syntax so it makes sense to create an XML structure and then format the output differently.

xmlElement: (String, List %, List XmlAttribute) -> %

xmlElement(name, elements, attributes) construct an element with structured elements

xmlElement: (String, String, List XmlAttribute) -> %

xmlElement(name, txt, attributes) construct an element with unstructured text