XExponentialPackage(R, VarSet, XPOLY)ΒΆ

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This package provides computations of logarithms and exponentials for polynomials in non-commutative variables. Author: Michel Petitot (petitot@lifl.fr).

exp: (XPOLY, NonNegativeInteger) -> XPOLY

exp(p, n) returns the exponential of p truncated at order n.

Hausdorff: (XPOLY, XPOLY, NonNegativeInteger) -> XPOLY

Hausdorff(a, b, n) returns log(exp(a)*exp(b)) truncated at order n.

log: (XPOLY, NonNegativeInteger) -> XPOLY

log(p, n) returns the logarithm of p truncated at order n.