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Plot a NON-SINGULAR plane algebraic curve p(x, y) = 0. Author: Clifton J. Williamson Date Created: Fall 1988 Keywords: algebraic curve, non-singular, plot Examples: References:

coerce: % -> OutputForm
from CoercibleTo OutputForm
listBranches: % -> List List Point DoubleFloat
from PlottablePlaneCurveCategory
makeSketch: (Polynomial Integer, Symbol, Symbol, Segment Fraction Integer, Segment Fraction Integer) -> %
makeSketch(p, x, y, a..b, c..d) creates an ACPLOT of the curve p = 0 in the region a <= x <= b, c <= y <= d. More specifically, ‘makeSketch’ plots a non-singular algebraic curve p = 0 in an rectangular region xMin <= x <= xMax, yMin <= y <= yMax. The user inputs makeSketch(p, x, y, xMin..xMax, yMin..yMax). Here p is a polynomial in the variables x and y with integer coefficients (p belongs to the domain Polynomial Integer). The case where p is a polynomial in only one of the variables is allowed. The variables x and y are input to specify the the coordinate axes. The horizontal axis is the x-axis and the vertical axis is the y-axis. The rational numbers xMin, ..., yMax specify the boundaries of the region in which the curve is to be plotted.
refine: (%, DoubleFloat) -> %
refine(p, x) is undocumented.
xRange: % -> Segment DoubleFloat
from PlottablePlaneCurveCategory
yRange: % -> Segment DoubleFloat
from PlottablePlaneCurveCategory

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