NPCoef(BP, E, OV, R, P)ΒΆ

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Package for the determination of the coefficients in the lifting process. Used by MultivariateLifting. This package will work for every integral domain R which has property F, i.e. there exists a factor operation in R[x].

npcoef: (SparseUnivariatePolynomial P, List BP, List P) -> Record(deter: List SparseUnivariatePolynomial P, dterm: List List Record(expt: NonNegativeInteger, pcoef: P), nfacts: List BP, nlead: List P)
npcoef(p, lmf, lcf) tries to determine some coefficients of factors of p assuming that lcf gives true leading coefficients of the factors and that sparsity pattern of modular factors lmf is the same as sparsity pattern of true factors. If res is the result, then res.deter gives fully determined factors, res.dterm gives determined terms of partially determinaed factors, res.nfacts and res.nlead give modular factors and leading coefficients corresponding to undetermined factors.