NGroebnerPackage(Dom, Expon, Dpol)ΒΆ

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This is package computes noncommutative Groebner basis. Based on commutative version. Note that this package accepts rings as base domain, however computed basis is over left fraction field. Computations are done in fraction free way (coefficients stay in base ring).

groebner: List Dpol -> List Dpol

groebner(lp) computes a groebner basis for a polynomial ideal generated by the list of polynomials lp.

hMonic: Dpol -> Dpol

hMonic(p) tries to remove content from p

redPol: (Dpol, List Dpol) -> Dpol

normalForm(poly, gb) reduces the polynomial poly modulo the precomputed groebner basis gb giving up to a constant factor a canonical representative of the residue class.

sPol: Record(lcmfij: Expon, totdeg: NonNegativeInteger, poli: Dpol, polj: Dpol) -> Dpol


virtualDegree: Dpol -> NonNegativeInteger