LiouvillianFunction(R, F)ΒΆ

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This package provides liouvillian functions over an integral domain.

belong?: BasicOperator -> Boolean

belong?(op) checks if op is Liouvillian

Chi: F -> F

Chi(f) denotes the hyperbolic cosine integral

Ci: F -> F

Ci(f) denotes the cosine integral

dilog: F -> F

dilog(f) denotes the dilogarithm

Ei: F -> F

Ei(f) denotes the exponential integral

erf: F -> F

erf(f) denotes the error function

erfi: F -> F

erfi(f) denotes -\%i*erf(\%i*z)

fresnelC: F -> F

fresnelC(f) denotes the Fresnel integral C

fresnelS: F -> F

fresnelS(f) denotes the Fresnel integral S

integral: (F, SegmentBinding F) -> F

integral(f, x = a..b) denotes the definite integral of f with respect to x from a to b.

integral: (F, Symbol) -> F

integral(f, x) indefinite integral of f with respect to x.

li: F -> F

li(f) denotes the logarithmic integral

operator: BasicOperator -> BasicOperator

operator(op) returns the Liouvillian operator based on op

Shi: F -> F

Shi(f) denotes the hyperbolic sine integral

Si: F -> F

Si(f) denotes the sine integral