modhpsol.spad line 359 [edit on github]

This package solves Hermite-Pade interpolation problem over ring of integer polynomials. We use reduction modulo primes and modular reconstruction to reduce problem to polynomials modulo $Z_p$. Then we use evaluation and Lagrange interpolation to reduce problem to solving over $Z_p$.

do_modular_solve: (Vector U32Vector, Vector Integer, NonNegativeInteger, U32Vector, Integer, Symbol) -> Union(Record(basis: TwoDimensionalArray U32Vector, defects: Vector Integer, cinds: Vector Integer), no_solution)

do_poly_integer: (List Symbol, List PrimitiveArray Fraction Polynomial Integer, Vector Integer, NonNegativeInteger, U32Vector, Symbol, Symbol, (List U32Vector, Integer, Integer) -> Vector U32Vector) -> Union(Record(defects: Vector Integer, cinds: Vector Integer, rowlen: Integer, offsetdata: Vector Integer, expdata: SortedExponentVector, coeffdata: PrimitiveArray Integer), no_solution)

merge2: (Integer, List Integer, List Integer, Vector Integer, SortedExponentVector, Vector Integer, SortedExponentVector) -> Record(offsetdata: Vector Integer, expdata: SortedExponentVector)

merge_exponents: (Integer, Vector Integer, SortedExponentVector, Vector Integer, SortedExponentVector) -> List List Integer