FunctionSpaceToExponentialExpansion(R, FE, x, cen)ΒΆ

fs2expxp.spad line 1

This package converts expressions in some function space to exponential expansions.

exprToXXP: (FE, Boolean) -> Union(%expansion: ExponentialExpansion(R, FE, x, cen), %problem: Record(func: String, prob: String))
exprToXXP(fcn, posCheck?) converts the expression fcn to an exponential expansion. If posCheck? is true, log's of negative numbers are not allowed nor are nth roots of negative numbers with n even. If posCheck? is false, these are allowed.
localAbs: FE -> FE
localAbs(fcn) = abs(fcn) or sqrt(fcn^2) depending on whether or not FE has a function abs. This should be a local function, but the compiler won't allow it.