FractionFreeFastGaussianFractions(D, V, VF)

fffg.spad line 524 [edit on github]

This package lifts the interpolation functions from FractionFreeFastGaussian to fractions.

generalInterpolation: (List D, (NonNegativeInteger, NonNegativeInteger, V) -> D, Vector VF, List NonNegativeInteger) -> Matrix SparseUnivariatePolynomial D

generalInterpolation(l, CA, f, eta) performs Hermite-Pade approximation using the given action CA of polynomials on the elements of f. The result is guaranteed to be correct up to order |eta|-1. Given that eta is a “normal” point, the degrees on the diagonal are given by eta. The degrees of column i are in this case eta + e.i - [1, 1, …, 1], where the degree of zero is -1.