evalut.spad line 234 [edit on github]

FakePolynomial is a domain of univariate polynomials with coefficients being fractions of multivariate integer polynomials. Coefficients are kept in unsimplified form. This domain exists to avoid cost of recursive GCD calls during polynomial evaluation.

coerce: % -> OutputForm

from CoercibleTo OutputForm

degree: (%, Symbol) -> NonNegativeInteger

ground: % -> Record(numer: Polynomial Integer, denom: Polynomial Integer)

map: (Polynomial Integer -> Polynomial Integer, %) -> Union(%, failed)

map: (Polynomial Integer -> Polynomial Integer, Record(var: Symbol, coef: SparseUnivariatePolynomial Fraction Polynomial Integer)) -> %

map: (Record(numer: Polynomial Integer, denom: Polynomial Integer) -> Union(Polynomial Integer, failed), %) -> Union(SparseUnivariatePolynomial Polynomial Integer, failed)

subst_var: (%, List Symbol, List Symbol) -> %

to_UP: % -> SparseUnivariatePolynomial Fraction Polynomial Integer

CoercibleTo OutputForm