FactoredFunctions M

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computes various functions on factored arguments.

log: Factored M -> List Record(coef: NonNegativeInteger, logand: M)

log(f) returns [(a1, b1), ..., (am, bm)] such that the logarithm of f is equal to a1*log(b1) + ... + am*log(bm).

nthRoot: (Factored M, NonNegativeInteger) -> Record(exponent: NonNegativeInteger, coef: M, radicand: List M)

nthRoot(f, n) returns (p, r, [r1, ..., rm]) such that the nth-root of f is equal to r * pth-root(r1 * ... * rm), where r1, …, rm are distinct factors of f, each of which has an exponent smaller than p in f.