DirectProductFunctions2(dim, A, B)ΒΆ

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This package provides operations which all take as arguments direct products of elements of some type A and functions from A to another type B. The operations all iterate over their vector argument and either return a value of type B or a direct product over B.

map: (A -> B, DirectProduct(dim, A)) -> DirectProduct(dim, B)

map(f, v) applies the function f to every element of the vector v producing a new vector containing the values.

reduce: ((A, B) -> B, DirectProduct(dim, A), B) -> B

reduce(func, vec, ident) combines the elements in vec using the binary function func. Argument ident is returned if the vector is empty.

scan: ((A, B) -> B, DirectProduct(dim, A), B) -> DirectProduct(dim, B)

scan(func, vec, ident) creates a new vector whose elements are the result of applying reduce to the binary function func, increasing initial subsequences of the vector vec, and the element ident.