If you run into any problems with FriCAS do not hesitate to send your problem to, i.e., the FriCAS mailing list. Since we do not want spam, the list is moderated. You might want to subscribe to the FriCAS mailing list.

There is also a read-only mirror of the mailing list.

We are well aware of the steep learning curve of FriCAS. By asking your questions, you not only give you a chance to solve your problem quickly, but also help us to improve FriCAS by letting us know of what a user finds hard to accomplish with the system.

Apart from the FriCAS home page (in particular the FriCAS Book) there is also help available locally. You can generate a local copy of the FriCAS home page, see Building documentation for instructions.

If you are working with FriCAS in an operating system that has the X Window System available, you can find most of the information in HyperDoc (see the FriCAS Book for more information about HyperDoc), which is started when you start FriCAS.

In a FriCAS session there are special commands starting with a closing parenthesis in the first column. You can get more information about them by typing

)help help

)help set

In particular, for the )set command you can find the output here.