TabulatedComputationPackage(Key, Entry)ΒΆ

newdata.spad line 25 [edit on github]

TabulatedComputationPackage(Key , Entry) provides some modest support for dealing with operations with type Key -> Entry. The result of such operations can be stored and retrieved with this package by using a hash-table. The user does not need to worry about the management of this hash-table. However, only one hash-table is built by calling TabulatedComputationPackage(Key , Entry).

clearTable!: () -> Void

clearTable!() clears the hash-table and assumes that it will no longer be used.

extractIfCan: Key -> Union(Entry, failed)

extractIfCan(x) searches the item whose key is x.

initTable!: () -> Void

initTable!() initializes the hash-table.

insert!: (Key, Entry) -> Void

insert!(x, y) stores the item whose key is x and whose entry is y.

makingStats?: () -> Boolean

makingStats?() returns true iff the statistics process is running.

printInfo!: (String, String) -> Void

printInfo!(x, y) initializes the messages to be printed when manipulating items from the hash-table. If a key is retrieved then x is displayed. If an item is stored then y is displayed.

printingInfo?: () -> Boolean

printingInfo?() returns true iff messages are printed when manipulating items from the hash-table.

printStats!: () -> Void

printStats!() prints the statistics.

startStats!: String -> Void

startStats!(x) initializes the statistics process and sets the comments to display when statistics are printed

usingTable?: () -> Boolean

usingTable?() returns true iff the hash-table is used