SubResultantPackage(R, UP)

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This package computes the subresultants of two polynomials which is needed for the `Lazard Rioboo’ enhancement to Tragers integrations formula. For efficiency reasons this has been rewritten to call Lionel Ducos package which is currently the best one.

primitivePart: (UP, R) -> UP if R has EuclideanDomain
primitivePart(p, q) reduces the coefficient of p modulo q, takes the primitive part of the result, and ensures that the leading coefficient of that result is monic.
subresultantVector: (UP, UP) -> PrimitiveArray UP
subresultantVector(p, q) returns [p0, ..., pn] where pi is the i-th subresultant of p and q. In particular, p0 = resultant(p, q).