catdef.spad line 1456

A class of objects which can be ‘stepped through’. Repeated applications of nextItem is guaranteed never to return duplicate items and only return “failed” after exhausting all elements of the domain. This assumes that the sequence starts with init(). For infinite domains, repeated application of nextItem is not required to reach all possible domain elements starting from any initial element. Conditional attributes: infinite repeated nextItem's are never “failed”.

=: (%, %) -> Boolean
from BasicType
~=: (%, %) -> Boolean
from BasicType
coerce: % -> OutputForm
from CoercibleTo OutputForm
hash: % -> SingleInteger
from SetCategory
hashUpdate!: (HashState, %) -> HashState
from SetCategory
init: %
init() chooses an initial object for stepping.
latex: % -> String
from SetCategory
nextItem: % -> Union(%, failed)
nextItem(x) returns the next item, or “failed” if domain is exhausted.


CoercibleTo OutputForm