STransform PTΒΆ

scene.spad line 2944

Domains for transform from SPoint to SPoint STransform transform domain can by used to represent linear transforms for instance when working with SCartesian where its Representation is a matrix of DoubleFloat Other transform domains may not necessarily be linear and will have different representations

coerce: % -> OutputForm
coerce(tr) output
compound: (%, %) -> %
compound(tr, inpt) combine two transforms
identity: () -> %
identity() returns the identity element which is do nothing transform
stransform: Complex DoubleFloat -> Complex DoubleFloat -> %
stransform(cpx) construct transform as function of complex variable can only be used when PT is SArgand so this can be converted to PT -> PT
stransform: List DoubleFloat -> %
stransform(m) construct transform using a multivector
stransform: List List DoubleFloat -> %
stransform(m) constructs transform with given matrix elements
stransform: PT -> PT -> %
stransform(gen) construct transform in general form as a mapping from PT to PT
stranslate: (DoubleFloat, DoubleFloat, DoubleFloat, DoubleFloat, DoubleFloat, DoubleFloat) -> %
stranslate(offsetx, offsety, offsetz, scalex, scaley, scalez) constructs a transform which represents pure translation we can also combine with scale which, for instance, is useful when writing to SVG file because the y dimension is inverted
xform: (%, PT) -> PT
xform(tr, inpt) apply transform to a point producing another point