RootFSSplit(R, F)ΒΆ

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This package implements alg_split_roots allowing its reuse.

alg_split_root0: (F, Kernel F, Integer) -> List F

alg_split_root0(f, r, n) returns [a1, ..., an] such that f = a1 + a2*r + ... an*r^(n - 1). r must be a root and n must be its degree.

alg_split_roots: (List F, Kernel F, Kernel F) -> List Record(funs: List F, nroot: F, npow1: Integer, npow2: Integer)

alg_split_roots(lf, r1, r2) splits each f in lf into linear combination of product of powers of r1 and r2 which must be independent roots.