PowerSeriesLimitPackage(R, FE)ΒΆ

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PowerSeriesLimitPackage implements limits of expressions in one or more variables as one of the variables approaches a limiting value. Included are two-sided limits, left- and right- hand limits, and limits at plus or minus infinity.

complexLimit: (FE, Equation OnePointCompletion FE) -> Union(OnePointCompletion FE, failed)

complexLimit(f(x), x = a) computes the complex limit lim(x -> a, f(x)).

limit: (FE, Equation FE, String) -> Union(OrderedCompletion FE, failed)

limit(f(x),x=a,"left") computes the left hand real limit lim(x -> a-, f(x)); limit(f(x),x=a,"right") computes the right hand real limit lim(x -> a+, f(x)).

limit: (FE, Equation OrderedCompletion FE) -> Union(OrderedCompletion FE, Record(leftHandLimit: Union(OrderedCompletion FE, failed), rightHandLimit: Union(OrderedCompletion FE, failed)), failed)

limit(f(x), x = a) computes the real limit lim(x -> a, f(x)).