PolynomialSolveByFormulas(UP, F)ΒΆ

solvefor.spad line 1

This package factors the formulas out of the general solve code, allowing their recursive use over different domains. Care is taken to introduce few radicals so that radical extension domains can more easily simplify the results.

aCubic: (F, F, F, F) -> F
aCubic(f, g, h, j) undocumented
aLinear: (F, F) -> F
aLinear(f, g) undocumented
aQuadratic: (F, F, F) -> F
aQuadratic(f, g, h) undocumented
aQuartic: (F, F, F, F, F) -> F
aQuartic(f, g, h, i, k) undocumented
cubic: (F, F, F, F) -> List F
cubic(f, g, h, i) undocumented
cubic: UP -> List F
cubic(u) undocumented
linear: (F, F) -> List F
linear(f, g) undocumented
linear: UP -> List F
linear(u) undocumented
mapSolve: (UP, F -> F) -> Record(solns: List F, maps: List Record(arg: F, res: F))
mapSolve(u, f) undocumented
particularSolution: UP -> F
particularSolution(u) undocumented
quadratic: (F, F, F) -> List F
quadratic(f, g, h) undocumented
quadratic: UP -> List F
quadratic(u) undocumented
quartic: (F, F, F, F, F) -> List F
quartic(f, g, h, i, j) undocumented
quartic: UP -> List F
quartic(u) undocumented
solve: UP -> List F
solve(u) undocumented