PatternMatchListResult(R, S, L)ΒΆ

patmatch1.spad line 121 [edit on github]

A PatternMatchListResult is an object internally returned by the pattern matcher when matching on lists. It is either a failed match, or a pair of PatternMatchResult, one for atoms (elements of the list), and one for lists.

=: (%, %) -> Boolean

from BasicType

~=: (%, %) -> Boolean

from BasicType

atoms: % -> PatternMatchResult(R, S)

atoms(r) returns the list of matches that match atoms (elements of the lists).

coerce: % -> OutputForm

from CoercibleTo OutputForm

failed?: % -> Boolean

failed?(r) tests if r is a failed match.

failed: () -> %

failed() returns a failed match.

latex: % -> String

from SetCategory

lists: % -> PatternMatchResult(R, L)

lists(r) returns the list of matches that match lists.

makeResult: (PatternMatchResult(R, S), PatternMatchResult(R, L)) -> %

makeResult(r1, r2) makes the combined result [r1, r2].

new: () -> %

new() returns a new empty match result.


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