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OpenMathServerPackage provides the necessary operations to run FriCAS as an OpenMath server, reading/writing objects to/from a port. Please note the facilities available here are very basic. The idea is that a user calls e.g. Omserve(4000, 60) and then another process sends OpenMath objects to port 4000 and reads the result.

OMreceive: OpenMathConnection -> Any

OMreceive(c) reads an OpenMath object from connection c and returns the appropriate FriCAS object.

OMsend: (OpenMathConnection, Any) -> Void

OMsend(c, u) attempts to output u on aciom{c} in OpenMath.

OMserve: (SingleInteger, SingleInteger) -> Void

OMserve(portnum, timeout) puts FriCAS into server mode on port number portnum. The parameter timeout specifies the timeout period for the connection.