omerror.spad line 1

OpenMathErrorKind represents different kinds of OpenMath errors: specifically parse errors, unknown CD or symbol errors, and read errors.

=: (%, %) -> Boolean
from BasicType
~=: (%, %) -> Boolean
from BasicType
coerce: % -> OutputForm
from CoercibleTo OutputForm
coerce: Symbol -> %
coerce(u) creates an OpenMath error object of an appropriate type if u is one of OMParseError, OMReadError, OMUnknownCD or OMUnknownSymbol, otherwise it raises a runtime error.
hash: % -> SingleInteger
from SetCategory
hashUpdate!: (HashState, %) -> HashState
from SetCategory
latex: % -> String
from SetCategory
OMParseError?: % -> Boolean
OMParseError?(u) tests whether u is an OpenMath parsing error.
OMReadError?: % -> Boolean
OMReadError?(u) tests whether u is an OpenMath read error.
OMUnknownCD?: % -> Boolean
OMUnknownCD?(u) tests whether u is an OpenMath unknown CD error.
OMUnknownSymbol?: % -> Boolean
OMUnknownSymbol?(u) tests whether u is an OpenMath unknown symbol error.


CoercibleTo OutputForm