omdev.spad line 41

OpenMathDevice provides support for reading and writing openMath objects to files, strings etc. It also provides access to low-level operations from within the interpreter.

OMclose: % -> Void
OMclose(dev) closes dev, flushing output if necessary.
OMgetApp: % -> Void
OMgetApp(dev) reads a begin application token from dev.
OMgetAtp: % -> Void
OMgetAtp(dev) reads a begin attribute pair token from dev.
OMgetAttr: % -> Void
OMgetAttr(dev) reads a begin attribute token from dev.
OMgetBind: % -> Void
OMgetBind(dev) reads a begin binder token from dev.
OMgetBVar: % -> Void
OMgetBVar(dev) reads a begin bound variable list token from dev.
OMgetEndApp: % -> Void
OMgetEndApp(dev) reads an end application token from dev.
OMgetEndAtp: % -> Void
OMgetEndAtp(dev) reads an end attribute pair token from dev.
OMgetEndAttr: % -> Void
OMgetEndAttr(dev) reads an end attribute token from dev.
OMgetEndBind: % -> Void
OMgetEndBind(dev) reads an end binder token from dev.
OMgetEndBVar: % -> Void
OMgetEndBVar(dev) reads an end bound variable list token from dev.
OMgetEndError: % -> Void
OMgetEndError(dev) reads an end error token from dev.
OMgetEndObject: % -> Void
OMgetEndObject(dev) reads an end object token from dev.
OMgetError: % -> Void
OMgetError(dev) reads a begin error token from dev.
OMgetFloat: % -> DoubleFloat
OMgetFloat(dev) reads a float from dev.
OMgetInteger: % -> Integer
OMgetInteger(dev) reads an integer from dev.
OMgetObject: % -> Void
OMgetObject(dev) reads a begin object token from dev.
OMgetString: % -> String
OMgetString(dev) reads a string from dev.
OMgetSymbol: % -> Record(cd: String, name: String)
OMgetSymbol(dev) reads a symbol from dev.
OMgetType: % -> Symbol
OMgetType(dev) returns the type of the next object on dev.
OMgetVariable: % -> Symbol
OMgetVariable(dev) reads a variable from dev.
OMopenFile: (String, String, OpenMathEncoding) -> %
OMopenFile(f, mode, enc) opens file f for reading or writing OpenMath objects (depending on mode which can be "r", "w" or “a” for read, write and append respectively), in the encoding enc.
OMopenString: (String, OpenMathEncoding) -> %
OMopenString(s, mode) opens the string s for reading or writing OpenMath objects in encoding enc.
OMputApp: % -> Void
OMputApp(dev) writes a begin application token to dev.
OMputAtp: % -> Void
OMputAtp(dev) writes a begin attribute pair token to dev.
OMputAttr: % -> Void
OMputAttr(dev) writes a begin attribute token to dev.
OMputBind: % -> Void
OMputBind(dev) writes a begin binder token to dev.
OMputBVar: % -> Void
OMputBVar(dev) writes a begin bound variable list token to dev.
OMputEndApp: % -> Void
OMputEndApp(dev) writes an end application token to dev.
OMputEndAtp: % -> Void
OMputEndAtp(dev) writes an end attribute pair token to dev.
OMputEndAttr: % -> Void
OMputEndAttr(dev) writes an end attribute token to dev.
OMputEndBind: % -> Void
OMputEndBind(dev) writes an end binder token to dev.
OMputEndBVar: % -> Void
OMputEndBVar(dev) writes an end bound variable list token to dev.
OMputEndError: % -> Void
OMputEndError(dev) writes an end error token to dev.
OMputEndObject: % -> Void
OMputEndObject(dev) writes an end object token to dev.
OMputError: % -> Void
OMputError(dev) writes a begin error token to dev.
OMputFloat: (%, DoubleFloat) -> Void
OMputFloat(dev, i) writes the float i to dev.
OMputInteger: (%, Integer) -> Void
OMputInteger(dev, i) writes the integer i to dev.
OMputObject: % -> Void
OMputObject(dev) writes a begin object token to dev.
OMputString: (%, String) -> Void
OMputString(dev, i) writes the string i to dev.
OMputSymbol: (%, String, String) -> Void
OMputSymbol(dev, cd, s) writes the symbol s from CD cd to dev.
OMputVariable: (%, Symbol) -> Void
OMputVariable(dev, i) writes the variable i to dev.
OMsetEncoding: (%, OpenMathEncoding) -> Void
OMsetEncoding(dev, enc) sets the encoding used for reading or writing OpenMath objects to or from dev to enc.