LazardSetSolvingPackage(R, E, V, P, TS, ST)ΒΆ

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A package for solving polynomial systems by means of Lazard triangular sets [1]. This package provides two operations. One for solving in the sense of the regular zeros, and the other for solving in the sense of the Zariski closure. Both produce square-free regular sets. Moreover, the decompositions do not contain any redundant component. However, only zero-dimensional regular sets are normalized, since normalization may be time consumming in positive dimension. The decomposition process is that of [2].

normalizeIfCan: ST -> ST

normalizeIfCan(ts) returns ts in an normalized shape if ts is zero-dimensional.

zeroSetSplit: (List P, Boolean) -> List ST

zeroSetSplit(lp, clos?) has the same specifications as zeroSetSplit(lp, clos?).