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This package provides the functions for the heuristic integer gcd. Geddes's algorithm, for univariate polynomials with integer coefficients

content: List BP -> List Integer

content([f1, .., fk]) = content of a list of univariate polynonials

gcd: List BP -> BP

gcd([f1, .., fk]) = gcd of the polynomials fi.

gcdcofact: List BP -> List BP

gcdcofact([f1, ..fk]) = gcd and cofactors of k univariate polynomials.

gcdcofactprim: List BP -> List BP

gcdcofactprim([f1, ..fk]) = gcd and cofactors of k primitive polynomials.

gcdprim: List BP -> BP

gcdprim([f1, .., fk]) = gcd of k PRIMITIVE univariate polynomials

lintgcd: List Integer -> Integer

lintgcd([a1, .., ak]) = gcd of a list of integers