GeneralizedFiniteMoebiusFunction(P, R)ΒΆ

logic.spad line 521

A domain for generalized Moebius functions of explicit subposets.

apply: (%, P, P) -> R
mf(pi, si) evaluates the Moebius function mf at pi and si
canonicalMoebiusFunction: List P -> %
canonicalMoebiusFunction(pp) inverts the canonical zeta function
generalizedMoebiusFunction: (List P, (P, P) -> R) -> %
generalizedMoebiusFunction(pp, zeta) inverts the given zeta function
members: % -> List P
members(mf) returns the elements of the subposet
moebiusMatrix: % -> Matrix R
moebiusMatrix() returns the Moebius matrix