GeneralHenselPackage(RP, TP)ΒΆ

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Author : P.Gianni General Hensel Lifting Used for Factorization of bivariate polynomials over a finite field.

completeHensel: (TP, List TP, RP, PositiveInteger) -> List TP

completeHensel(pol, lfact, prime, bound) lifts lfact, the factorization mod prime of pol, to the factorization mod prime^k>bound. Factors are recombined on the way.

HenselLift: (TP, List TP, RP, PositiveInteger) -> Record(plist: List TP, modulo: RP)

HenselLift(pol, lfacts, prime, bound) lifts lfacts, that are the factors of pol mod prime, to factors of pol mod prime^k > bound. No recombining is done .

reduction: (TP, RP) -> TP

reduction(u, pol) computes the symmetric reduction of u mod pol