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FortranCodePackage1 provides some utilities for producing useful objects in FortranCode domain. The Package may be used with the FortranCode domain and its printCode or possibly via an outputAsFortran. (The package provides items of use in connection with ASPs in the AXIOM-NAG link and, where appropriate, naming accords with that in IRENA.) The easy-to-use functions use Fortran loop variables I1, I2, and it is users’ responsibility to check that this is sensible. The advanced functions use SegmentBinding to allow users control over Fortran loop variable names.

identitySquareMatrix: (Symbol, Polynomial Integer) -> FortranCode

identitySquareMatrix(s, p) is undocumented.

zeroMatrix: (Symbol, Polynomial Integer, Polynomial Integer) -> FortranCode

zeroMatrix(s, p, q) uses loop variables in the Fortran, I1 and I2

zeroMatrix: (Symbol, SegmentBinding Polynomial Integer, SegmentBinding Polynomial Integer) -> FortranCode

zeroMatrix(s, b, d) in this version gives the user control over names of Fortran variables used in loops.

zeroSquareMatrix: (Symbol, Polynomial Integer) -> FortranCode

zeroSquareMatrix(s, p) is undocumented.

zeroVector: (Symbol, Polynomial Integer) -> FortranCode

zeroVector(s, p) is undocumented.