Formatter FΒΆ

fmt.spad line 1514 [edit on github]


coerce: % -> OutputForm

from CoercibleTo OutputForm

coerce: OutputForm -> %

from CoercibleFrom OutputForm

convert: (OutputForm, Integer) -> %

from OutputFormatterCategory

display: % -> Void

from OutputFormatterCategory

epilogue: % -> OutputBox

epilogue(t) extracts the epilogue section of the form t. This is a function f such that f(l) returns a box with label l.

format: % -> OutputBox

format(t) extracts the fmt section of a 2D-form t.

format: OutputForm -> %

format(o) creates a formatted form of the OutputForm o.

formatStep: (OutputForm, Integer) -> %

format(o, n) creates a formatted form of the OutputForm o with step number n.

new: () -> %

new() create a new, empty object with defaultPrologue("") and defaultEpilogue(""). Use setPrologue!, setFormat! and setEpilogue! to set the various components of this object.

operatorHandlers: () -> OperatorHandlers((Integer, List OutputForm) -> OutputBox)

operatorHandlers() returns an internal data structure that is used for the selection of respective handlers.

prologue: % -> OutputBox

prologue(t) extracts the prologue section of the form t.

setDefault!: (String -> OutputBox, String -> OutputBox) -> Record(prolog: String -> OutputBox, epilog: String -> OutputBox)

Set the prologue and epilogue that is used by default. Between the elements of the list the stepnumber will be inserted. The old values are returned.

setEpilogue!: (%, OutputBox) -> OutputBox

setEpilogue!(t, epi) sets the epilogue section of the form t to epi and returns the previous epilogue.

setFormat!: (%, OutputBox) -> OutputBox

setFormat!(t, box) sets the fmt section of a form t and returns the previous box.

setPrologue!: (%, OutputBox) -> OutputBox

setPrologue!(t, pro) sets the prologue section of the form t to pro and returns the previous prologue.

CoercibleFrom OutputForm

CoercibleTo OutputForm