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DisplayPackage allows one to print strings in a nice manner, including highlighting substrings.

bright: List String -> List String
bright(l) sets the font property of a list of strings, l, to bold-face type.
bright: String -> List String
bright(s) sets the font property of the string s to bold-face type.
center: (List String, Integer, String) -> List String
center(l, i, s) takes a list of strings l, and centers them within a list of strings which is i characters long, in which the remaining spaces are filled with strings composed of as many repetitions as possible of the last string parameter s.
center: (String, Integer, String) -> String
center(s, i, s) takes the first string s, and centers it within a string of length i, in which the other elements of the string are composed of as many replications as possible of the second indicated string, s which must have a length greater than that of an empty string.
copies: (Integer, String) -> String
copies(i, s) will take a string s and create a new string composed of i copies of s.
newLine: () -> String
newLine() sends a new line command to output.
say: List String -> Void
say(l) sends a list of strings l to output.
say: String -> Void
say(s) sends a string s to output.
sayLength: List String -> Integer
sayLength(l) returns the length of a list of strings l as an integer.
sayLength: String -> Integer
sayLength(s) returns the length of a string s as an integer.