CRApackage RΒΆ

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This package implements asymptotically efficient Chinese reconstruction

chineseRemainder: (List List R, List R) -> List R

chineseRemainder(llv, lm) returns a list of values, each of which corresponds to the Chinese remainder of the associated element of llv and lm. This is more efficient than applying chineseRemainder several times.

chineseRemainder: (List R, List R) -> R

chineseRemainder(lv, lm) returns a value v such that, if x is lv.i modulo lm.i for all i, then x is v modulo lm(1)*lm(2)*...*lm(n).

modTree: (R, List R) -> List R

modTree(r, l) is undocumented.

multiEuclideanTree: (List R, R) -> List R

multiEuclideanTree(l, r) is undocumented.