AssociatedEquations(R, L)ΒΆ

lodof.spad line 235

AssociatedEquations provides functions to compute the associated equations needed for factoring operators

associatedEquations: (L, PositiveInteger) -> Record(minor: List PositiveInteger, eq: L, minors: List List PositiveInteger, ops: List L) if R has Field
associatedEquations(op, m) returns [w, eq, lw, lop] such that eq(w) = 0 where w is the given minor, and lw_i = lop_i(w) for all the other minors.
associatedSystem: (L, PositiveInteger) -> Record(mat: Matrix R, vec: Vector List PositiveInteger)
associatedSystem(op, m) returns [M, w] such that the m-th associated equation system to L is w' = M w.
uncouplingMatrices: Matrix R -> Vector Matrix R
uncouplingMatrices(M) returns [A_1, ..., A_n] such that if y = [y_1, ..., y_n] is a solution of y' = M y, then [\$y_j', y_j'', ..., y_j^{(n)}\$] = \$A_j y\$ for all j's.